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Best water Purifier

Top 15 best water purifier price comparison

Below is a brief comparison table of best water purifier with higher rated from different – 2 online portal. You can read full details and select best one for you as per your water supply.

Best water Purifier

buy water purifier

Buying best water purifier for our family some time would be a difficult decision and becomes more confusing and complex when we don’t have enough knowledge about best water purifier .

I am the one who also faced the same problem while buying best water purifier for my family, after searching, reading reviews, a lot on the internet finally decided to purchase RO Water Purifier.

Now today I am trying to share with you some points that might help you purchasing best water purifier. In this article, I will guide you about different – different technologies which will be best for your home and locality because water purifier is totally dependent upon water of your region.

Read about Best Water Purifier

Below  5 points will inform you about water purifier, what kind of water supply is need for water purifier. What TDS levels will be good for health. Just you need to go through with 5 points to get clear knowledge of what are basic reasons & awareness to buy water purifier

First you need to know about your water supply at your home.

Water supply is the first basic factor for best water purifier and source of water should be observed carefully. Because water source will decide whether your water needs removal of dissolved salts that are not need in your body or your water contains germs and viruses which will affect your and your’s family health. There are heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic etc in polluted water . which needs to be clean and removed from water because our body cannot get rid of these heavy metals and they continue accumulating in the body causing health problems.

Water from so many sources contains germs, bacteria, viruses which cause water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid and dysentery and many more. We should aware and cleverly select water purifier although it might some time costly and create little bit  burden but in the end of the day. It will keep you away from doctors and costly medicines having side effects on the body. We are trying to describe below. So you come to know about different kinds of water supply present in your locality and I will also give some suggestion about best water purifiers.

Water Supply Germs Level TDS Level Purifier Type
Underground water, Borewell or water supplied from Tankers High in Bacteria and viruses High TDS (Hard Water) RO + UV
Underground water, tube well or Salty water Low bacteria and viruses in water High TDS (Hard Water) RO
Surface water from rivers, lakes or rain harvesting supplied by the municipality Low bacteria, viruses,  germs in water Soft water UV

TDS Level or Hardness of water 

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies TDS as a secondary contaminant. It is measured in milligrams per unit volume of water (mg/L) and also refer to as parts per million (ppm). The maximum concentration level set by EPA is 500 mg/L for  drinking water.

Different – different government has different – different regulations for the TDS level. The U.S. sets the maximum contaminant level for TDS should be 500 ppm where as WHO has different prescribe limits.

Taste of Water with Different TDS Concentrations

Level of TDS (milligrams per litre)


  • Less than 300: Excellent
  • 300 – 600: Hard – You need to use RO
  • 600 – 900: Hard – You need to use RO+UV
  • 900 – 1,200: Poor and very Hard – You need to use RO+UV
  • Above 1,200: Unacceptable and also you need to use RO+UV

Water Purifier Technology

Only 3 different types of water purification technology available in the market

  1. RO : Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification technology. which is use for remove larger particles from drinking water. In this method water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane under high pressure to remove dissolved impurities. If our water is Salty, Khara or Hard water. Then we need to use RO.
  2. UV : Ultraviolet water purification is a very effective method for filtering bacteria from the dirty water. Ultraviolet rays penetrate harmful germs in our home’s water and destroy illness-causing microorganisms.
  3. UF : Ultra filtration s a type of membrane filtration in which hydro-static pressure forces a liquid against a semipermeable membrane. UF method uses threads of fibres to clean hardness from water. US uses microfibers to remove from water.

Know purification technology which is best for your home.

You can read below purifying technologies and available water purifiers are available in the market based on below technologies.

  1. RO water purifiers : RO is mostly use in companies to ensure water does not contain high salts harmful for the body and also people use in home and ensure for clean water.
  2. UV water Purifiers : UV are mostly use to make water free from germs, bacteria  and viruses preventing water-borne diseases like dysentery and cholera.
  3. Gravity based water purifiers : This type of water purifier is basically use in the area. Where people is facing electricity problem. These water purifiers are totally base on pressure difference. Where water from big chamber moves to lower chamber fit with germ kit and filters water in-between chambers to purify water. These purifiers would only be use for soft water containing a low level of dissolve salt since they do not use electricity purification level is not very good. This type of water purifiers are available at a lower price range between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 6000 in the market.
  4. A combination of RO + UV + UF purifying technologies:  RO + UV + UF has different purifying technology is use to filter water. Universal Purifiers  would be use with all type of water without worry about the  supply of water they use RO + UV + UF water purifier technology to clean and remove harm full particles from water. This technology is very latest and full automatic. So this combination check the water level automatically and then use purification technique to clean water as per the standard. RO + UV purifiers can be use for water supply containing hard water. As they clean complete salts and kills germs so water can be clean and you can serve safe and filter water to your family.

Will Company Genuine and Reliable?

This is a big question for every one abut water purifier companies. That should be find step for taking best water purifier. once you make decision about water purifier. Then pay attention to the water purifier companies. Reliable brand selection should most important because every water purifiers need service in every 2-3 months. So go with that company who is giving best after sales service. It will be a good decision. Because it would be very bad if customer relation of a company is not good after sales. Known brand will cost bit more but their products are trust worthy. Because they use the best quality of membranes and water filters running for a long period of time. So I will advise you to go always with best brand.

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