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kent RO Water Purifier Price List

We bring  kent ro water purifier price list for you. Kent is an Indian healthcare products manufacturer. Kent ro is  best-selling products with RO based water purifiers. Kent RO has seen much success in India with the majority of its profit derive from water purifiers.

Kent RO Water Purifier Price List 2016

This kent RO also exports water purifiers along with softeners around the Asia. RO water purifiers provide safe drinking water. Mount the water purifier on the wall and connect the appliance to a water source. The purifier will produce clean and healthy water devoid of bacteria, viruses, chemicals, dissolved solids and so many bad stuff in water. Passing the water through a membrane, a process call reverse osmosis. This process takes a very short time to give clean and healthy water. It totally depend on capacity of water tank.  Reverse osmosis is much more effective than heating the water over a flame. Buying an RO water purifier is also cheaper than buying water cans every few days as it is a one-time investment.

kent RO Water Purifier

Kent water purifiers also take up less space than these bubble top water cans as these can be mounted on a wall and are barely over a foot in height and a few inches wide. These Kent water filters and purifiers usually have large storage capacities meaning crystal clear, clean water will be available round the clock. Kent water purifiers are powered by electricity. These are also available in a wide variety of price ranges from less than Rupees 5,000, between Rupees 5,000 and 10,000 and even upwards of Rupees 20,000. A popular model of water purifier by Kent is the Kent Pearl.

Why kent RO Water Purifier Price Best.

The best price for these Kent water purifiers is listed in this Kent water purifiers price list. The best price, discounts, deals and information on features of Kent water purifiers and Kent Pearl purifiers are updated on a daily basis and were last updated on 14th October 2016. A list of online and offline sellers that sell purifiers at the best price in India have also been provided in this Kent RO pric You can find all Water Purifiers Price

Kent Water Purifiers Price in India

Kent water purifiers are trustworthy and energy-efficient ways of getting clean drinking water. All that is involved is a one-time investment in the form of purchase and regular maintenance checks.

Latest Kent Water Purifiers Models Price
Kent Grand Plus 8L Mineral RO+UV+UF Water Purifier Rs.14398
Kent Maxx UF +UV 7L Water Purifier Rs.6538
Kent Ace Plus RO 7 liters Water Purifier Rs.11999
Kent Ace 7 Litres RO+UV Water Purifier Rs.12999
Kent Gold Optima UF 10L Water Purifier Rs.1210
Kent Ultra 69L Water Purifier Rs.4900
Kent Pearl 8-Litre Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier Rs.15500
Kent Grand 8L UV RO Water Purifier Rs.13549
Kent Gold 20L Water Purifier Rs.2179
Kent Gold Plus UF 20L Water Purifier Rs.2295

DISCLAIMER: above mentioned prices are the best price available for every item across all stores. To know prices across all stores please select (click) a given Water Purifiers. Prices may differ from store to store and from place to place based on different tax rates.

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