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Water Purifier Reviews

Top 5 best water purifier reviews

Pureit Water Purifier is writing water purifier reviews for you so you can read and know the factor before selecting water purifiers. We have chosen 5 best water purifier available in the market as per their performance, maintenance, after sales support with user rating. You can go through below with all the details:

1. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Geneus RO+UV 7Litre Water Purifier

water purifier review

Eureka Aquaguard Geneus is a Universal and best water purifier. Which senses the property of water and chooses the best water purification technology. RO + UV / UF + UV to purify water. Its unique Taste guard technology senses and adjusts to different sources of water automatically. Geneus using multi-stage purification processes to give you the same tast, pure and safe water always and every day.

In our water purifier reviews we find that Geneus also comes with various other smart and latest features. Geneus comes with Intel e-boiling, taste enhancer, Electronic life membrane enhancer. Some features in our water purifier reviews make  this machine stand out from the crowd and makes it best-selling water purifier.

Read Some Important Point About Aquaguard Geneus

  • We recommend for government supply water, borewell and tanker. This water purifier system sense the best quality of water and choose the purification technology to purify water.
  • Taste guard technology ensure water is tasty and it should not remove any minerals which is important for the body.
  • Water purification technologies sense the best quality of water and choose the optimum water purification technology either RO + UV/UF + UV to filter water. The RO technology membrane removes excess TDS, blocks dissolved impurities and chemical contaminants while UV technology ensures water is free from viruses, bacteria and germs. UF technology have capillary tube based technology that give you crystal clear and pure water.
  • Intelligent e-boiling make ensure water is safe and boil over 20 minutes.
  •  Electronic membrane makes life enhance and  prevents the accumulation of dissolved salts like calcium and magnesium on the membrane and enhances the service life of the membrane and improves water flow.
  • Maintenance warning gives you warning whenever membrane needs to be replaced and servicing is require.
  • It have a reserve mode also so a consumer can extend the life of membranes up to 20 working hours.
  • LED Display gives information about the water level in the tank, fault indicator, filter life status and water taste indicator.

Market Price : INR 22,990

We also give you water purifier reviews

water purifier reviews
Above all that features and latest technology, this is a best water purifier to purchase in the market. Design is also good. Aquaguard is a reputed brand name in water purifiers market because of good services after sale and better customer relations. People have given positive reviews about this water purifier regarding  best performance and after sales support. I hope you will be happy with above information.

Minimum Online Price : INR 20,498/-


2. Kent Grand RO + UV 8L Water Purifier Reviews

water purifier reviewKent grand RO + UV is one of the best ro + uv water purifiers. If you are planning for RO + UV water purifier this water purifier from kent ro can be your perfect choice. If  your water supply have high TDS level then going with RO water purifier is a best option. But some time hard water also contain germs. I will suggest combination of the power of RO with UV technology which kills all disease-causing germs, bacteria and viruses from water and gives you pure healthy drinking water. Kent ro water purifier is a naked design which comes handy while servicing and cleaning. Don’t worry about water supply from an tank, bore-well, municipal corporation. Kent ro will do its job and give you clean and pure water. Kent’s TDS meter will always maintain essential minerals like calcium and potassium and make sure it should not remove during filter.


Kent Grand RO + UV is recommended for Hard water containing TDS above 500ppm or  water supply is from an overhead tank, a bore-well, or municipal corporation.

Product Description

Best for Indian Homes

The Kent grand RO water purifier has been specifically designed to suit the needs of Indian homes. For starters, the purifier can give you safe, clean and tasty drinking water using a variety of sources. You can supply this purifier with overhead tanks, regular municipal supply as well as bore-well water, giving you a host of options regardless of your living accommodations. What’s more, the Kent 8 litre wall mountable water purifier has an eight litre tank, allowing you to store drinking water for when there is no water or electric supply.

Triple Protection of RO and UV along with TDS Control System

The Kent grand RO wall mountable water purifier offers you triple protection, giving your family clean water every single time. In this the first step in cleaning is the Reverse Osmosis process, which filters out most particulate wastes, dirt, dust, etc. from your water. The second step is UV protection which kills germs, bacteria and other microbes in your water, ensuring protection from infections. The last step of this wall mounted water purifier is the TDS control system which ensures retention of vital minerals in the water, for your health.

Ease of Use

The Kent Grand RO water purifier with transparent cover is especially easy to use and clean. Apart from having the ability to purify up to 15L of water per hour, the Kent Grand 60 watt water purifier also uses high quality, food grade, non-breakable, transparent ABS Plastic body, which makes it easy to see the water and the mechanics inside, as well as insure its safety. With a superb alarm system that warns you when filters have to be changed, the Kent wall mountable water purifier is the ideal purifier for your home.

  • Cleaning Capacity: 15L per hour
  • Tank Capacity: 8L
  • RO, UV and TDS control to ensure good cleaning
  • UV and Filter Alarms
  • Computerized cleaning
  • Detachable tank for quick and easy cleaning
  • High quality, food grade, non-breakable, transparent ABS quality plastic body

Lowest Price online is Rs. 13,999/-


3. Aquaguard Enhance RO Water Purifier Review

water purifier reviewAquaguard Water purifier  enhance RO and it works perfectly in high TDS. Water purifier primary work is converts hard water into soft water and remove impure salts which is harmful for body. If water in your are is salty then you should consider installing an RO water purifier. Aquaguard enhance RO would be a best choice as per many customer reviews. This water purifier removes tough, new age contaminants like lead, pesticides and heavy metals from water. It ensures that water is free from disease-causing bacteria, virus. This RO water purifier comes with a 7-litre inbuilt storage tank. This Aquaguard purifier looks good in design and its body is made of hard plastic. It will look good in your kitchen.

Recommended for Salty, Khaara and Brackish Water

Product Description

Aquaguard Enhance RO is an RO water purifier for water with high TDS, having a salty. Its multi-stage unique Reverse Osmosis water purification process ensures that the water you drink is free from disease causing bacteria, virus, protozoa, cysts. Its advanced RO membrane technology removes excess TDS and blocks impurities and chemical contaminants dissolved in water giving you sweet tasting water. Only Aquaguard, with Advanced Mineral guard technology removes dangerous new age contaminants like lead, pesticides, while retaining essential natural minerals in water, that other RO purifiers deplete.

From the Manufacturer

Features Advantage of the Feature Benefit to Customer
Enhance RO Mineral Guard Mineral Guard works by extracting the best RO performance, because it prevents scaling formation on the membrane, thus ensuring that it rejects excess minerals (when beyond prescribed levels) and retains more of the essential minerals where they are beneficial. Your family drinks Safe & Healthy water.
RO Membrane RO membrane reduces TDS in the drinking water & makes hard water soft and great to taste. Great tasting, safe and healthy water
Silver Surety Silver impregnation in Chemi Bloc and Taste Enhancer enhances purification efficiency and inhibits growth of water borne diseases causing bacteria. Surety of absolutely Safe Drinking water
Advanced Multi Stage Purification Total protection from harmful chemicals, pesticides,heavy metals like Arsenic, Lead etc & microbiological germs viz.Bacteria, Virus, Cysts, Protozoa. Not just Pure but Healthy Water, always
High Storage Capacity 7 Ltrs of purified drinking water Access to purified water even without electricity / running water

Aquaguard Enhance is a best product in water purifier from a trusted brand Eureka Forbes. You can take it away with confidence.

Current Price Online : Rs. 11,358/-


4. Pureit Classic 14 L Gravity Water Purifier Reviews

water purifier reviewWe explore many water purifier reviews for bringing best water purifier. Pureit water purifier is a product from top rated company Hindustan Unilever. It has been there in the market for a very long time. I am personally using this brand in present. It’s working perfectly. Result is awesome.   That is the main reason why we are putting it in our water purifier reviews list. This is a gravity base water purifier and it  can be a choice if your source contains soft water. This water purifiers is best for areas receiving frequent power cut or areas having no electricity because these purifiers do not require electricity for cleaning water. Pureit water claims to kill 1 crore viruses in 1 liter of water. Its body is made up of food safe non-toxic plastic and provide pure water.

Product Description

Superb Built

The Pureit water  classic water purifier has been designed keeping your needs in mind. Crafted from high-quality, non-toxic, food grade plastic, the Pureit water purifier is indeed very safe for your home. Moreover, the water purifier has a clean water storage capacity of 5L, which makes sure you always have some clean water to drink. Also, the Pureit WPWL100 water purifier has an excellent design that not only looks good, but also is easy to clean without the help of a technician, making it an excellent device to place in your home or office.

A Great Cleaning Process

Designed to give you safe, clean, healthy drinking water with every sip, the HUL water purifier employs a complex four step process. The Germkill cartridge of the Pureit water purifier Blue uses a variety of materials and processes which give you superior-quality cleaning, ensuring that you always have clean water to drink. What’s more, the life indicator lets you know a few days in advance about when the Germkill cartridge has to be replaced, and will shut off water supply completely if the Germkit cartridge cannot perform as desired, giving you only clean water.

Meant for Indian Homes

Aligned with the needs of Indian homes, the Pureit classic 14 litre water purifier has been made to fit into your life. It doesn’t need running water or electricity to function. What’s more, the tap has been tested to ensure its durability. Also, the activated carbon filters remove the most dangerous and disgusting bits dissolved in your water. With the ability to kill up to 10 million virus cells in 1L of water, the HUL water purifier is one of the best water purifiers for you.

  • Total Capacity: 14L
  • Clean water capacity: 5L
  • Four stage cleaning process
  • Germkill cartridge life: 1500L
  • Auto-shut off to ensure water purity
  • No need for running electricity or water
  • Made from high-grade, food quality plastic
  • Purification process certified by the US EPA

Lowest Price online is Rs. 1,401/-


5. Tata Swach Electric Platina RO 7-Litre Water Purifier Reviews

water purifier reviewKnow more about Tata swach electric platina water purifier reviews. If your family or you are regularly falling sick. Then you should buy this water purifier and install it at your home. This water purifier from tata looks good in design and also has a strong body. It will make your kitchen shine. Tata swach electric is fitted with latest technology and filters with multipal stage. It clean water from viruses and several other harmful dissolved salts in water.  It has a 7 liters zero contaminant tank and the only water purifier with a storage tank in the category. We put this water purifier in  our water purifier reviews because it is a very safe water purifier and keep clean your water from viruses and makes your and yours family life healthy.

Other Details :
  • Installation: Free installation is provided on this product by the manufacturer. 
  • It turns even hard water upto 2000 ppm into tasty water
  • Special silver safety for extra cartridge life
  • NSF certified RO membrane, 7 liters zero contamination storage tank
  • Advanced 5 stage purification technology, voltage spike guard protection and stylish tap
  • Single click opening and unique double i care indicator
  • Body material: ABS, Type: Wall mounted

Lowest Price online is Rs. 8,299/-


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