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Watch Bigg Boss Season 11 4 october 2017 Full episode

Contestants Geat Up For Luxury Budget Task On Watch Bigg Boss Season 11 4 october 2017 full episode:

After completing the nominations work in last episode. It’s time come for the house mate to get up and earn a their first luxury task of this season’s Watch Bigg Boss Season 11 4 october 2017 is on the anvil. Adding an some spice of surprise. Bigg Boss will come with in some new members to the house that are endearing few animals. All Bigg Boss contestants will be watch in awe of the animals and are looking forward to win their first luxury budget task.

Zubair Khan and Shivani Durga is start to do first task to get experience. The simple work is to transfer catfish from one tank to the other together . Slippery, jumpy, and thrusting in water the catfish are sure to give Zubair a difficult time. On the different side Akash, Benafsha and Bandagi have a some unique task at hand. They have to Bray-ve up, bathe and feed a donkey. Akash is really look like an comedian. He was trying to have word with donkey. Even he gives name Jack. As Akash and Bandagi take on task of giving the animal a bath. While Benafsha will be mandate to feed carrots to Jack within  a 4 min, 56 seconds.  You just need to watch Bigg Boss Season 11 4 october 2017 full episode.

Continuing their argument to another day as well. Shilpa and Vikas is again getting fight with each other. Bhabhi Ji dedicates and intensely sings the one of famous song ‘Bhag DK Bose’ to him. With quarrels rising in the house by the day, Bandagi and Zubair find themselves in the middle of a fight one. As Bandagi is also doesn’t like the way Zubair talks to women. Zubair is really the center of attention today as he did on mimicking a Hen and some other stupid thing. In the last stroke of anger, Zubair argues with Arshi and calls her ‘Gareebo ki Rakhi Sawant’

Here is the Watch Bigg Boss Season 11 4 october 2017 Full episode

Bigg Boss Season 11, Episode 3, Day 3, 4th October 2017, get Updates. Jyoti Kumari and Sapna Choudhary get into ugly fight, Vikas Gupta-Shilpa Shinde fight is far from over & repeat daily like saas bahu.
It’s time come for the contestants to start up and earn a some luxury, as the first luxury task of this season’s Bigg Boss is on the anvil. This is three days into the Bigg Boss house and contestants have getting  to reveal their true self. The stage is always set to witness a good & bad drama that potentially captures the full human experience, with all of its highs and lows, and surrounds around tales of jealousy, friendship, fights, love and more on.

Watch Bigg Boss Season 11 4 october 2017 Full episode

Nomination in Bigg Boss Season 11 4 october 2017

At the point, in their second room, the ‘padosis’ were seen discussing the day’s events. Mehjabi was seen talking about Jyoti’s behaviour, and how she was targeted by the other housemates. Along with Luv, she has announced herself as the biggest plotter in the padosi team.

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While, every time Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta pick up the strings from the time they came across one another with heated argument. The high octane drama on the top most controversial television reality show. Now Watch Bigg Boss Season 11 4 october 2017 full episode.

This season of Bigg Boss 11 is really going well from starting premier day. The very first day of Bigg Boss in the house got high on adrenaline for some inmates as a fight broke out between Zubair Khan and other Bigg Boss house members. He always claim that he is a relative of Don.  Shinde and Gupta is always creating a war start always from Shilpa.

Every season of Bigg Boss is always mirier with controversies. Like from last season splashing urine to attacking someone with a bottle, the house has seen it all. Meanwhile the usual verbal spats between the contestants for things as insignificant as a coffee mug definitely weren’t a treat. As Bigg Boss 11 begins, let’s dip into the last ten seasons and refresh your memories with the top controversies from these 10 seasons.

Watch Promo Bigg Boss Season 11 4 october 2017

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